Salad Selection

Salad Selection


Crisp fresh green salad

A mixture of rocket, endive, radicchio and oak leaf with a French dressing

Watermelon, feta cheese and water cress salad

Crunchy fresh watercress with chunky water melon and crumbled feta cheese

Topped with various toasted seeds/nuts


Greek Salad

 Vine tomato, cucumber and feta cheese with rape oil and balsamic vinegar


Tuna pasta salad

Mixed peppers, cucumber, red onion and capers in mayonnaise with flaked tuna


Basmati and wild rice

With peppadews and roasted red peppers with flat leaf parsley and a French dressing glaze.


Sliced tomato and buffalo Mozzarella

With torn basil leaves, olive oil and cracked black pepper


Beetroot and Goats cheese

Roasted baby beetroot, with goats cheese on a bed of rocket with a balsamic glaze.


Radicchio and Garlic mushrooms

Leaves of radicchio with sliced mushroom and garlic and a blue cheese sauce


Apple and celery with pecan and blue cheese

Brightly coloured tabbouleh

Bulgar wheat with various peppers, spring onion, and pomegranate seeds


Home-made coleslaw

Crunchy grated white cabbage, onion and carrots mixed with salad cream